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Mar 28 2019

So here we are...another season gone and a new Summer Season on the horizon !  Getting tax information organized and then it will be *STUDIO TIME* in full force !  Will be posting images of new FiSh and WHALES as they happen.  Most will be art gallery-artisan shop bound...but I will still offer some really nice pieces here at the website.  Send me an email if you have something special in mind and I will work with you to make it happen. 

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Jul 24 2018


The art table is next to the wall. The packaging table has a blue whale on it, ready for wrapping.  I love having shelf space !  I could use more.   

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Jul 24 2018

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Jul 24 2018

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2018 Underway

Jul 24 2018

So.  A person who I have not heard from a long, long time found me via my website.  Sadly, this blog was the only news he had of me.  A suggestion that I might put up a photo of my studio was a good one.  I've had several studios in the past.  Currently I am at The Lincoln Street Center of the Arts.  I resersve comments for now and see if I can find a picture to share with you.  These are photos when it was brand spanking new to me.  Neat.  I love neat.  But this is too neat for what I do.  Not realistic.  I have realistic photos of "organized chaos" and a "going concern".  This isn't play f or is work; it is part of my making a is what I do and what I love.  These photos are "nice"...but to do what I do well, I have to 'make a mess' and not worry about it until it until it is time to clean and re-organize in preparation for the next creative wave ! 

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Nov 21 2017

Well. Here we are, as 2017 begins to wind down with Thanksgiving in a couple of days and Christmas ready to take up the slack. 

It has been a tough year in many ways, but I am determined to make 2018 one of my best years ever.  After giving myself permission to "take it easy" on my broken heart and almost broken Spirit...I am ready to climb back up on the Creative Horse and fill this year with the most WoNdERfuL  FiSh and WHALES, ever.

Do knock on my email door anytime....for I am too apt to forget to do my blog, but I look at my email every day and rarely miss a day.  I'd love to hear from you !  Artists need all the love and encouragement they can get.  :)   

I hope your year is going to end on a lovely 'note.'  And that we will all be ready to add more beauty to the world by creating and/or buying the art that we love.   

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope I will make a piece down the road, that will speak to your heart...a piece that was meant to be with you and you alone.  :)  I wish us all the best of everything...we deserve it.   :)    <HUG>    ~claire~

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Beginning the 2017 Season

Apr 14 2017

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May 26 2016

Here is Mr. Stubbs....A really great White Whale.  

He is hanging on the outside of my summer cottage Traumerei. 

Sales are already coming in from shops and galleries !  Great start to the season and I need to get to my studio and create some more Whales, FiSh, and Sea-Creatures !

Please leave me a message if you seen any you like...and/or visit me on Facebook at ClairePerryArt.  



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My old dog...Lydia Puddin'

Mar 03 2016

I have an old dog.  Her name is Lydia Puddin'.  She's a Chocolate Lab and has been with me for almost 15 years.  She's just a few days away from her 15th birthday !  

She had to wake me up to let her outside I'm up at 1:20 am...waiting for her to be let back in.  Thank goodness we live where she can go outside by herself...I'm half asleep.

This is a photo of Lydia, lying near my Christmas tree made of found wood.  I love it and still have it up !  I'm going to hate to take it down...but will have to before long now.   

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Long Time Ago....

Jan 12 2016

Gosh.  It's been forever since I've written on this blog.  Been a few years without an official studio, but am back at Lincoln Street Center for the Arts in Rockland (Maine). Very happy there in my lower level studio...with no stairs to have to climb. Yeay !!  Moved there this past October (2015)...and am so excieted about it.  Already have created quite a few pieces that I really liked.  

My only gripe is that I need internet there...I like to listen to Youtube music and programs like This American Life as I create.  So...hopefully soon now.  I'd like to share a picture of some of the stuff I'v made to date...but I can't find the photo icon.  UGH.  I'll probably figure it out as I go along. Things tend to change if one has been away for a spell.     AH HA !!  I may have alrady found it................

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High Summer Cometh

Jul 06 2014

That is the beaver pond just out my backdoor.  How lucky I am to be right smack in the middle of such beauty.   Getting ready to work on another Whale.  A warm breeze is blowing, a little bird is calling Wichitee Wichitee Wichitee...and I am nothing but greateful at this moment.  A sandwich, a glass of lemonaid...a sweet cat...a loyal dog...and of course...ART; who could as for more?

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Starting the Summer Season

Jun 22 2014

And we are off !  Ducktrap Bay Trading Company has just sold my wonderful WHITE WHALE of last year.  I don't mean to brag, but she was such a beauty, and I am very happy she has found a worthy home !  She was a BIG GIRL !  Ducktrap Bay Trading Company, located in Camden Maine, is a gallery that specializes in wildlife sculputre of world-wide renown.  I am flattered to the moon and back that I am a part of their group of featured artists.  My forte' is that I do not carve the wood I work with, but find the piece within the natural wood as found along Maine's coastline...and sometimes do assemblages of those the Spirit (muse) moves me.

I am also pleased to announce thatthe prestegious Mars Hall Gallery in Port Clyde will be hanging my Found Wood Driftwood FISH this summer.  They will be recieving pieces of only the highest quality, so I have my work cut out for me, as the better galleries are beginning to ask about my work !  I am nothing but grateful to the Universe for opening up doors where I never knew doors existed.  As long as Iam willing to show up, the Universe seems to direct my hand and imagination.  It simply amazes me.  I will still be doing pieces for Island Artisans & Archipelago...but the art-gallery quality FISH are begining to call out to me...and I must follow that call.   And I am loving it.

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New Year

Jan 17 2014

Happy 2014 to all !  Looking forward to a new year and enjoying what the Creative Flow will bring forth. 

2013 was a GREAT year,  with some really extrodinary pieces unfolding before my very eyes.  I feel that I am but the conduit of something much bigger than myself ....and I am along for the ride.  And 2013 was also a very HARD year for me as well.  If I didn't have my art .... where for a period of time, all the cares of the world wash away...I don't know what I would have done.   I struggled to find the time to do all that I wanted...and I struggled against anxiety and worry as well.   But through it all, the most wonderful FISH came to help me  have courage and hope.  They were powerful FISH...many of them whales...and there were colorful, fun, and STRONG fish as well.  Also, sweet and kind FISH.... and they all have swam to lovely homes all over the United States and to other countries as well !  

So, my goal for 2014 is for a Dynamite studio by the ocean that I can call my own and more time than ever to be there !   I have my eye on just the all I need is The Universe to unfold the magic.  I know that wherever I am, I will be happy...and that is all that is truly important.  And I am happy, because I give myself permission to be an artist.  Everything else just falls into place.  And I am so grateful.   And you, dear reader, are a part of that story as well....for if you are here, reading this ole BLOG of mine, you matter too.   I hope you enjoy my creations...and do drop me an email any time !  (Claire)

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Apr 09 2012

Oh my dear my goodness me...I have been away for EONS and everything needs updating so badly.  Please forgive me.

I did make a new catagory today:  SHARKS !   I added a few new creations made this winter.  Enjoy.

And...I promise to do more updating.  And if you see something you like..please check for availability before you hit PAY may have already been sold !!!   Thanks so much for putting up with me.


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Sep 01 2011

This is an attempt to share a commissioned piece of work named "RUSH HOUR" .  They reside with a very nice couple on Grand Manan in Nova Scotia.  Hope you like them !

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Fond Fair Thee Well....

Dec 15 2010

No. I'm not going anywhere.  But I did say good-bye today, to one of my favorite pieces: The Sea Shepherd's Tribute Whale. 

 Pat, congratulations on your new family member !  I know it will be just where it was ment to be !....and that is what this is all about.

I hope we can keep in touch and further persue your ideas ! 

 Ok....back to work......    :)   fa la laaa laaa laaaaaaaa


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Pot Buoy Christmas Fish

Dec 15 2010

This one has swum to Kennebec River Artisans in Hallowell.  Contact their website to purchase her.  Truly a wonderful Christmas "FISH".  Sure to bring a smile ! 

Another very busy day at the studio....making "FISH"  !!  Did a Jackson's Pollock yesterday much fun.  It is only the third Jackson's Pollock item I have is signed and numbered. A picture will be put up ASAP.  Love the Christmas music..mmmmm...

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Dec 11 2010

  OK.  This is a lobster buoy "FISH" I made just for Christmas time !  Not the best photos to show it off...but I love him (her?) !  It hangs around ...just swimming along in the air........   :)  Don't have it up on the site yet...cost is $ 50.00 plus shipping (unless you come get it). Fins are copper.

Beautiful day today....creative Spirits abound.  Yeaaay.   Can hardly wait for tomorrow !

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Nov 13 2010
Here I am on this BE-U-ti-FUL day....making FISH like crazy to fill an order.  Late afternoon walk with Miss Lydia Puddin' is on the docket.  She had her rabies shot today...such a BRAVE girl !!

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Oct 29 2010

Well...just  did some house-cleaning here .  Took off most of the "SOLD" Fish and will be adding some new ones shortly.  Now that the summer has gone, I will be checking on the website more often ...doing updates and sales here, rather than in the local galleries.  Now until May: first come...first serve. 

Oh..I am gratefull for a truly great summer !  A heartfelt *Thank You*... to all the collectors and fans.  You make this possible.  Stay tuned !

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River Arts Gallery Piece

Sep 13 2010


A very low-key day today.  Made a  "FISH", but that's about all I have the urge to do.  Think the fall weather is making me sad...I hate to say goodbye to the summer.  A good day for a nap, maybe?

This is an assemblage piece I submitted to River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta; it was juried in.  I love her: "Old Serenity". 

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Aug 31 2010

BUSY BUSY and BEYOND BUSY !   First summer I have not been able to fill gallery orders fully.  PHEW...a good problem to have.

A birdhouse I made for the Art Center's fundraiser bought in a bid of $ 500, for which I am delighted.  Got to meet the gentleman who purchased it; an art collecter .... and I am flattered and encouraged to the moon and beyond !

Most of the "FISH" now on the website ( and many many more) are now in Maine galleries or higher end Maine Craft and Artisans shops.  I have no idea what has sold, so my DEEP apologies for any confusion that might arise from this. Please email me before doing a PAY-PAL purchase to verify availability !

Back to work...................................................... Embrace Your Gifts ! My love to all of you..... ~claire~ 


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Today in the Studio

May 22 2010
Getting ready to take some FISH to Damariscotta  for the FISH LADDER fund raiser scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.  Artists of all skill levels and ilks will be offering their work with a percentage going to the Dams Fish Ladder Fund; good cause and looking foward to attending.  Now...decisions, decisions....

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May 11 2010

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May 10 2010


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May 10 2010



 My creative Muse is in hiding is I'm going home to a warm fire, good book, and quiet time.  Looking foward to stocking 2 new galleries in Bar Harbor and of course, getting new FISH ready for Catapiller of my favorite galleries of all. 

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This is the first post on my BLOG page...not sure how it works.

May 10 2010

That's a picture of the "FISH" that were on my studio wall a year or so ago.  New pics to come

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