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Cheryl Hatfield wrote on February 17,2018
In April of 2015, I bought âDearly Belovedâ whale from a studio in Bar Harbour. She opened the studio just for me to purchase this whale. He is one of my prized possessions for sure. I just found your website but see that all displayed have been purchased. Interested in adding another great creature to my remodeled bathroom. Let me know when you post new creatures for purchase. I applaud your wonderful creativity!!

Claire Perry...the artist wrote on November 21,2017
Hello to Paul Maggiacomo and John and Vega as well ! I am so sorry I have not seen your posts until just now ! Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. JOHN GLEN: I'm not sure which one you were interested it...and to PAUL MAGGIACOMO: Well, that is so terrific ! Thank you so much ! I do hope you found one to take back with you while you were in Rockland. Please contact me anytime at my email address. I do commission pieces whenever I can (if I have the right pieces of wood). :) Love to you ALL ! ~claire~

paul maggiacomo wrote on September 26,2017 about this blog entry
I have 12 of your pieces and love looking at them everyday. i hope to pick up my 13th next week in Rockland. good luck and take care........Paul

CLAIRE PERRY (the artist) wrote on January 14,2017
Dear Smitha186: I'll see what I can to. I am computer illiterate, and this is a "do it yourself" website ! Wish me luck. And thank you do much for the tip and stopping by. ~claire~

Sea Chauvin wrote on May 27,2016
Hi Claire, It was so nice to meet you today at the Bayside pier. Leo and Liv and I hauled home huge armloads of wood up the hill to their house. I'm so glad that you took some of it off our hands!

I love your art pieces! Thanks for giving me your web address. Maybe we will see each other again. Be well.


Claire Perry wrote on May 26,2016
Smithd348: Thank you for writing to me. I don't really feel comfortable with sharing my artistic information at this point. But I appreciate you asking me. Maybe if I can visit your own website first ? Need an URL as the link you posted here does not open up for me. Thank you again !

Smithd348 wrote on May 11,2016
Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thank you! geckcdggbceaekbe

Claire Perry wrote on March 3,2016

Claire Perry wrote on March 3,2016
Hello Alan...Thank you so much for your kind words of support. I am a self-taught naturalist and a dedicated supporter of our wildlife...and especially in my area of Maine; the Eastern Coyote. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding that issue, or art related topics. I do not know Gillian, but am going to see what I can find on the internet about Gillian. What a *great* name ! And I would also love to know about what you do as an artist as well. I spend inordinate amounts of time on Facebook; rather addictive. CHEERS !

Alan Sanborn wrote on March 2,2016
Claire, being artists, I guess we both have more time than we need to browse the internet -- I noticed some comments by you on a site that showed eagles supposedly attacking larger animals. I felt the same way you did about the cruel scam. Anyway, thanks for your comments there. I live on the far north coast of California, but was raised in Maine and often go back. I'm a good friend of the Maine artist Gillian Gatto (just in case you might know of her or her work) out of Machias.

Pegg wrote on January 31,2016
Finally got here and spent some time browsing. When my ship comes in, I want it to have one of your whales on board!

Richard wrote on January 17,2016
Hi Claire,

Loved your works.


STEVIE H wrote on September 20,2014

George Palomba wrote on September 6,2014 about this piece

id Winston still available?

If he is, I'd like to buy him.

I'll forward CC info.


Elena Katz wrote on August 11,2014 about this piece

I liked your small whale with coper accents 3x6 1/2 inches. What is the price including shipping to NYC? Do you have any other similar small pieces?

Thank you

Claire Perry wrote on July 6,2014
Hi Michelle. Thank for inquiring. Let's talk about what I can do for you, regarding the White Whale with Cobalt Splotches.

Michelle lilienthal wrote on July 6,2014 about this piece
I am interested in the piece with the blue splotches. How much is this one? Thanks!

ARTISTS EMAIL wrote on October 11,2012

Claire Perry...The Artist wrote on October 11,2012
Kitty Gulyas..try sending me another email. I'm sure we can commission a Methusaleh or Sugar.

Claire Perry...The Artist wrote on October 11,2012
Hi Claire Sundahl...hope your whales are looking handsome in their amazing new home at Owls Head, Maine. What a stunning view !

Benjamin Griffith wrote on October 10,2012 about this piece
What is the height of the Great Blue? I want something big, but of course my budget isn't. Don't you love that?

Ktty Gulyas wrote on August 24,2012
Hi Claire, I just happened on to your website and love your work! Not surprisingly,the pieces I selected for purchase were already sold. Is there a chance that you will have any new pieces available in the near future? Is it possible to commission another "Sugar" or "Methusaleh" or similar items? Thanks so much Kitty

Claire Sundahl wrote on August 22,2012 about this piece
Hi Claire,

My husband and I purchased two of your white wales at the Owl Head pier when we bought our lobsters. Now I'd like to buy a larger white whale - sort of the matriarch of our little family. Our two are about 8-12 inches long, and need the mommy to complete the family. Do you have any white wale that could take on this role? Is this one available, and would its size "go with" the others purchased? Please advise. We are New Yorkers that have a house in Owls Head that we adore. Wish we were full time Mainers!!!

Claire Sundahl

Claire Sundahl wrote on August 22,2012 about this piece
Hi Claire,

My husband and I purchased two of your white wales at the Owl Head pier when we bought our lobsters. Now I'd like to buy a larger white whale - sort of the matriarch of our little family. Our two are about 8-12 inches long, and need the mommy to complete the family. Do you have any white wale that could take on this role? Is this one available, and would its size "go with" the others purchased? Please advise. We are New Yorkers that have a house in Owls Head that we adore. Wish we were full time Mainers!!!

Claire Sundahl

GAYLE BEDIGIAN wrote on July 21,2012

CLAIRE PERRY ..THE ARTIST wrote on June 8,2012
Just to clarify: They are closing down the whole building. I am an artist in good standing. They do not intend to honor the terms of the one-year lease they had me sign.

CLAIRE PERRY ..THE ARTIST wrote on June 8,2012
I am looking for new studio space. Lincoln Street Center for the Arts has broken my lease and expects me to be moved out in two months...June 30th. Since my lease runs thru DECEMBER; this is going to get interesting if I cannot find a suitable space before then ! They are threatening to turn off the power, water, and lock me out !!! Anybody know of a suitable space; light, airy, good windows, that would welcome a working artist ? Write me:

CLAIRE PERRY wrote on September 1,2011
Thank you C.A. Lutz, George and Gail. It was very thoughtfull of you to take the time to write in this little guestbook.

Presently I am trying to figure out how to "show off" a wall of FISH that was commissioned by a lovely couple on Grand Manan (Nova Scotia) for their cottage !

The title they gave their "group" was RUSH HOUR...which I absolutely loved ! Look for them on the Blog..or possibly in seperate catagory. THis is a "do it yourself" website..and I'm sooo computer illiterate; wish me luck !

george willis wrote on August 31,2011
We have enjoyed and hung our black back gull you gave us in Rockport Harbor last Monday.It is over our kitchen fireplace.Will send photo so you can see.

You were so kind and we enjoyed meeting you!

Thanks again ,we hope to be back to Rockport Harbor and will then visit your gallery.

George and Gail

C. A. Lutz wrote on August 16,2011 about this piece
Very creative work. I enjoyed seeing them.

CLAIRE PERRY wrote on July 15,2011
Hello Catherine: We are not the same person..tho I am sure she must be as talented and lovely as I. And very possibly a good deal smarter as well !

Catherine Raveia wrote on July 14,2011

Are you the same Claire Perry, who is a curator / author at the Smithsonian?

GRITT BENTON wrote on June 1,2011 about this piece



Jean Shellington wrote on May 12,2011
Hi Claire,

Received the driftwood whale today. He is awesome and will go over an enclosed porch door. He or she is just what I was looking for. I'm always looking for different pieces that noone else has and am so happy I have a one of a kind. You are so creative. We will enjoy this great whale for a long time. Thanks for creating him.

Nancy Warren wrote on April 21,2011
Your FISH continue to AWE, ooo and ahhh me! My three keep me in good company! Keep going... N

Roy Dutton wrote on December 28,2010
Hi Claire, Came across your site today and love your work it's very creative but with a wonderful sense of humor and you obviously enjoy creating these objects as it clearly shows in each piece. Regards, Roy Dutton.

Claire Perry wrote on December 15,2010
Pat..I am so happy you have one of my most favorite pieces. Do stay in touch and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

The artist to Pat Carroll wrote on December 15,2010
Looking foward to meeting you this morning Pat ! Have your "FISH" all ready.

Let me know how they look...send me pics if you can!

pat carroll wrote on December 13,2010 about this blog entry
love it...

been trying to get in touch re: purchasing a couple of pieces... are you around and interested? email me if you can.


Pat carroll wrote on December 11,2010 about this piece
Interested in #17236

confirm it's still 4sale and I will send payment. Would love to see your studio.

Call 329-8976 if you can talk about it

Pat Carroll

CLaire wrote on November 13,2010
Hi Dave. I think that's a terrific idea ! Let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with. Email me with any details you think will be as well: WHAT FUN !

Dave Olson wrote on November 13,2010
Hi Claire, I have re-built a fireplace and wondering if you might have a creature that might turn into a 3-4' mantle? Can send project pix

CLAIRE wrote on October 25,2010

*Awww...thankyou for the compliments!* I'll have new pieces to put on the website fairly shortly. Can you send me a picture to add on the website? I'd like to make a section that shows the FISH that have swum (SWAM?) to beautiful new homes (and their people) !

Stay well,


Pate Garson wrote on October 25,2010
Missy Claire,

The site is beautiful. Your work continues to amaze and delight us all. I'm sorry that I"ve not been up in ages and haven't see you. I smile at my whale every morning as I gaze upon her swimming across my patio windows. The other critters are still in the Owls Head house. Email me pics of new large pieces when you get a chance. Miss you and be well!



CLAIRE wrote on October 15,2010
Vera: Both Archipelago in Rockland, and Ducktrap Bay Trading Co. (Bayview St.) in Camden usually have a good display of "FISH". The Camden gallery has a wonderful Redbreasted Merganser Duck of mine !

Vera Van Middlesworth wrote on October 15,2010

I just responded to your email few minutes ago. In addition to Damariscotta River Arts Gallery,where else in mid-coast area do you display your stuff

CLAIRE wrote on May 11,2010

Liz Hart wrote on March 6,2010
Claire, my computer crashed, I lost your email...I love your site...pls email me..and I will catch you up with everything! xxL

Mean IT!

CLAIRE PERRY ~ARTIST~ wrote on February 4,2010


Claire Perry wrote on December 30,2009
Hi Bruce. Please forgive me for not noticing your comment before this. I forgot to check them ! My email address is I live in Maine. Have an art studio at the Lincoln Street Center for the Arts in Rockland. Have a cottage rental in Owls Head ( and I hang my hat way out in the boon-docks on a dirt road off a a road in Liberty! Would love to hear from you again. Please write.

Bruce Lipschultz wrote on November 23,2009 about this piece
Hi - I am interested in a few of your fish. Where are you located?

Claire Perry wrote on August 24,2009
YES ! :) The price is $55.00 Just send me an email if you would like to buy it...and we can go from there, as I need to figure out what the shipping will be. It's "small" not too bad I don't think. ~claire~

Susan Marshall wrote on August 23,2009 about this piece
Love this one. Is it available?

Please say yes! Susan Marshall


Nancy Warren wrote on August 16,2009 about this piece
I have found beach-bits waiting for me (not) to make something of. Want them??

otty Merrill wrote on August 5,2009 about this piece
great stuff!

Ross Baker wrote on July 22,2009
Hi, Claire. I stopped by Archipelago to see your work. Great whimsy and imagination.

Liz Hart wrote on July 11,2009

Lurena Sheary Williamson wrote on June 11,2009
Claire's fish are awesome! I have a few and am adding to my collection. The pictures are great but don't really capture their true character. They have such personality and charm. Love them!!!

colleen richmon wrote on June 8,2009
Hi Claire,

I found your website by doing a search. LOVE your DRIFTWOOD FISH! What FUN they are!!! Can't wait to see them in person.