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2018 Underway

Jul 24 2018

So.  A person who I have not heard from a long, long time found me via my website.  Sadly, this blog was the only news he had of me.  A suggestion that I might put up a photo of my studio was a good one.  I've had several studios in the past.  Currently I am at The Lincoln Street Center of the Arts.  I resersve comments for now and see if I can find a picture to share with you.  These are photos when it was brand spanking new to me.  Neat.  I love neat.  But this is too neat for what I do.  Not realistic.  I have realistic photos of "organized chaos" and a "going concern".  This isn't play f or is work; it is part of my making a is what I do and what I love.  These photos are "nice"...but to do what I do well, I have to 'make a mess' and not worry about it until it until it is time to clean and re-organize in preparation for the next creative wave ! 

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