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New Year

Jan 17 2014

Happy 2014 to all !  Looking forward to a new year and enjoying what the Creative Flow will bring forth. 

2013 was a GREAT year,  with some really extrodinary pieces unfolding before my very eyes.  I feel that I am but the conduit of something much bigger than myself ....and I am along for the ride.  And 2013 was also a very HARD year for me as well.  If I didn't have my art .... where for a period of time, all the cares of the world wash away...I don't know what I would have done.   I struggled to find the time to do all that I wanted...and I struggled against anxiety and worry as well.   But through it all, the most wonderful FISH came to help me  have courage and hope.  They were powerful FISH...many of them whales...and there were colorful, fun, and STRONG fish as well.  Also, sweet and kind FISH.... and they all have swam to lovely homes all over the United States and to other countries as well !  

So, my goal for 2014 is for a Dynamite studio by the ocean that I can call my own and more time than ever to be there !   I have my eye on just the all I need is The Universe to unfold the magic.  I know that wherever I am, I will be happy...and that is all that is truly important.  And I am happy, because I give myself permission to be an artist.  Everything else just falls into place.  And I am so grateful.   And you, dear reader, are a part of that story as well....for if you are here, reading this ole BLOG of mine, you matter too.   I hope you enjoy my creations...and do drop me an email any time !  (Claire)

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