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 Welcome to Maine Fish Art.  


 Along the rockbound coast of Maine are many wonderful "FISH" just waiting to come to life.  From HolidayBeach, to Smuggler's Cove, to Eggamoggin Reach and beyond...your very own FISH awaits you.

Whether you perfer the natural rustic look, or the brightly colored advant guarde...each has its very own personality and character. 

Most are suitable for outside hanging.  The larger ones look stunning over a cottage doorway, porch, or "hanging out" on your barn or garage.  Outside "FISH" are treated with several coats of shellac to protect them from the elements, and weather very well...keeping their colors nicely with  an occasional re-spraying.  My personal cottage "FISH" has been hanging outside  for years and still looks as good as the day it was made.

Please contact me for further information :  fishart 


               CONTACT:         207-589-4543          *Custom Orders Considered*



PEARL ~ Rustic White WHALE

2'5" Length Pearl is an "Old Soul WHALE". Rustic. Kind face with copper fin/fluke. Signed Contact artist to Purchase:


Copper: Dorsal, Side & Tail fins, Eye Emblishments & Gills He speaks for himself. *EMAIL:


Lantern (Angler) FiSh

GEEZER is an Old-Soul Angler or Lantern FiSh. Very kind with good Spirit. Approx 2 feet in Length with sea-glass "lure"-"lantern".


ANGLER FiSh His bait is a naturally smooth piece of Sea-Glass from Claire's beach. Fin, tail and eyebrow are Copper. PLEASE EMAIL:

Gull & Whale Totem

Black-Backed Seagull and Sperm Whale Contact Artist to Purchase

Rustic White Whale. Superior texture and expression. Close to 3' in length Please EMAIL to purchase:

Black Back SEAGULL


EELISE Sea-serphant

Joyful little sea-serpent will fit perfectly in those longer narrow spaces between window tops and ceiling. 2' Length Signed


Tariaksuq is Inuit for Shadow 2'Length and very good Ju-Ju ! Copper tail Signed Contact artist for purchase:

Seagull & WHALE Totem

Black-backed gull and WHITE SPIRIT WHALE 1'8" Height Signed by artist Contact Artist to Purchase:

Gunnel is as sweet as he can be. He actually looks like he is laughing ! Gunnel will bring WoNDeRFuL and very positive WHALE spirit to your home. He is a a bit over 4 feet in length ( 4'2" ).

Kristine's Celeste

Kristine's Celeste is a WONDERFULLY large and unique FiSh. One of my favorites so far. I love the feeling of motion she well as a great attitude ! Happily, Celeste is going to be staying in the seaside community where I call "home." Owl's Head's newest BLACK FiSh member. ** CELESTE **

SUSAN'S WHALE ...Special Commission SOLD

Lovely coral...Old Soul WHALE. Loved watching this one come together !


Rustic Blue Whale with driftwood tale & fluke.

MARK'S WHALE- Captain-My Captain

Special Commission Piece Rustic white whale with a very kind face.


Fog is a special commission piece. One of my favorite WHALES ! Thank you Courtney.

Colorful Stringer of FIVE

Five colorful FiSh of varying sizes, attached with twine on a metal fishing-swivel. Copper fins and metal flooring nails. They can be arranged however you wish. Shipping and Handling additional charge. Largest piece approx. a foot in length. (Green with white polka dots & white head with black stripes) Lots of fun and sure to bring comments.


Stephanie just bought a really nice Angel Fish ! She is softly colored, unusual and a real beauty. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY STEPHANIE !! Splish is not for Stephanie has spoken for her. So sorry.....


Congratulations Jason ! Happy is one of my favorites.

Sweet Whale

Fabulous WHITE WHALE made with exceptional pieces of found wood. Copper eye accents and a copper tail.


Sweet WHITE WHALE with charming personality and an amazing tail to boot! Good sized WHALE with exceptionally nice coloration.


LEWY One of the most awesome SHARKS ever. Exceptional in every way. BIG boy...not measured yet. BUT approximately 7 to 8 feet...very possibly longer. Very proud of this one..... CHECK WITH ARTIST BEFORE PURCHASING VIA PAY_PAL *Shipping & Handling not included in price*


Sebastian is a steady, kind, and benevolent soul. He is a guardian and protector. Sebastian was a special order fellow that came together so easily it amazed me. Everything just came into place like it was planned ahead of time...! Sebastian's roots hail from Islesboro, Maine; a small island off the mainland of the mid-coast area. His coloring is a soft muted blue and his fluke, spout and tail are made of copper. Sebastian will be starting his long swim home to Colorado with a very happy heart. I think I heard him say: "What took you so long?" He has a wry sense of humor.......


Walter is a big, solid fellow: 1 1/2 feet by 14" He has copper fins, old nails for dorsal fins and TEETH (of course). Like all my pieces...Walter is made from "found wood" along Maine's great Atlantic ocean. All wood used is in "as found" condition when assembling my pieces of art.


EXCEPTIONAL: He speaks for himself. One of my most loved. He swam home to Texas with a VERY happy gentleman.


Garrison the Handsome is approx. 2'4" in length. A great character WHALE with soft blue coloring, and copper fin & fluke.


Rustic FiSh of Uncommon Shape. Size is 2'(+) in length...a bit less in width. Found ocean-wood, copper side fin, and purple sea-glass "dangler"...........

Stringer of 5 FiSh

Wonderfully Colorful FiSh...all different. Sizes vary from approximately a foot to various sizes from there down.

This is a great FiSh to hang in a narrow space...such as over a window or doorway. Softly beautiful. Skeleton fish is copper.


Fun colors of orange & baby blue. Chauffeur has that tired dignity of one who serves. A darn good FiSh ! Found ocean wood, flat-sided nails & copper.

Hurdey- Gurdy

Bold & beautiful. Fanciful & fun. This one is sure to delight everybody.


Striking WHALE of great old, old soul. This is one of my favorites...just something about him. Unusual with artistic license creating pleasing results.


Over 3 feet...maybe 4 feet. A gorgeous and eye-catching FiSh. Eric Hopkins is a highly successful artist who is known for his birds-eye view of Contemporary Maine oceanscapes. I love his work and made this FiSh in his style of painting. One of my this beauty.


Sweet black WHALE with tons of personality and lovely coloring. Guesstimate: 2 1/2'X 10" A good sized WHALE, but not overly big.

Handsome Red Whale

His home is in Owl's Head Maine. The owners found this piece of wood on an island; kayaked it to me, and we all knew a RED whale was waiting to be born....per suggestion of Maryanne (homeowner), who has a wonderful eye for art and color in general.

MATILDA *sold*

She is most alluring. Her tailfin, (not shown) is copper, and matches her sidefin.


Little White Whale Series: Very rustic with artsy copper tail and side-fin. Rusty nail mouth.


Orange and off-peach with wooden lips, side-fin and copper top-fin, tail-fin, and eye accents. A striking FISH. *Ask about availability*

Ole Serenity

NFS She is a muse. *******

Brother Coyotyl - God's Song Dog

Coyote sits atop the Earth Mother Turtle and sings a song to all Creation This piece is full of positive Spirit and goodwill to all the wild ones; especailly our wise, and greatly misunderstood...Brother Coyote.

Flying Bull

Fancifull Flying Bull Background piece of wood is "as-found" from ocean (wrecked boat?) The bull is square of driftwood and found metal. approx 2 1/2 feet by 2 1/2 feet (+) Accurate measurements upon request.

Tuskatunger Cod

Driftwood and Metal...has swum home with Ralph to Port Clyde !


Grand Black and White Zebra Fish. Extra nice piece of wood with big rusted nails embedded hither and yon.


Crow with rusty nail legs, found rusty metal object and mounted on piece of Maine granite. 0.00

Stringers will hang anywhere.

Wonderfully colorful with google-eyes. Hemp-rope string for hanging.

Spirit Totems

Gull & Whale Totem

Black-Backed Seagull and Sperm Whale Contact Artist to Purchase